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Chess - more than a game


Explore the first board game to one of the oldest board games in the world! Together with Joodix we developped this unique gaming experience. Get yourself one and find out how much fun it is to play with the whole family, from old to young, chess addict to newcomer...

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International Toy Fair Nürnberg


In 2012 we revisited the International Toy Fair Nürnberg, this time intorducing our latest products. Among other things we displayed the new chess and checkers for kindergarden and primary school, as well as the world's first board game to one of the oldest board games in the world: "Chess - more than a game".


ECI participated very successfully in the International Toy Fair Nürnberg 2011. Thank you to everybody having visited us and we hope to hear from you soon.


imageSCHACHWELT - Digital timers in comparison

Chess magazine "SCHACHWELT" used a variety of criteria to compare different chess timers that are or were on the market. The result is clear:

1st Silver    2nd GARDE     3rd DGT XL     4th DGT 2010     5th Saitek

imageFIDE - Technical Commission

"... the clock has been tested by FIDE Technical Commission and is in full accordance with FIDE rules and regulations."


imageJürgen Kohlstädt - Manager German Bundesliga

"I think the chess clock is absolute suitable for the German Bundesliga and I recommend its applicability in all tournaments and clubs."


imageVictor Kortchnoi - IGM

"The large display makes it very easy to read the remaining thinking time. ChessTimer “Silver” has been standing the test during the European Senior Team Championship and is to be recommended for big tournaments."


imagePeon de Rey - Spanish Chess Magazine

"... comparison of cost-effectiveness gives us the following results:

Silver 4-5 points
DGT 3-4 points
Cv 3 points


imageJohann Zwanepol - Executive Director (Stichting Shaak Groning)

"My assistants and I were absolutly satisfied with our clock."



imageSchach Markt - German Chess Magazin

"As its predecessor the ChessTimer "Silver" distinguishes itself by good functionality and easy handling."



image Schach Magazin 64 - German Chess Magazin

New digital chess clock: "Essantial is, that this chess clock has got good functionality and processing and is available at a very convenient price."



imageGerhard Radosztics - IA, Tournament Director

"The ChessTimer "Silver" is excellently applicable in Open Tournaments. In the traditional Open Oberwart the ChessTimer "Silver" is used for the third time (about 150 clocks since 2003 without problems in application!)."



imageFeodor Skripchenko - General Secretary Chess Federation Moldava

"The Chess Federation of Moldava would like to thank you very much. We didn't have any problems with the ChessTimer "Silver"! We can say: Chess Timer "Silver" is a very good chess clock! Bravo disigners!"



imageRalph Alt - Tournament Director for Germany

"I tested the new version of the chess timer "Silver" ... and I join in with the positive opinion of Jürgen Kohlstädt.."