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Demo Board

Our rollable chess demonstration boards (short called demo board) are ideal for teaching and whenever needing to show different chess positions to a group. There are two kinds of demboards, magnetic and non magetic with pieces for inserting.imageimage image

The magnetic board (field size 80mm) measures 73x83,5cm and has metal stripes applicated inside. The chess pieces (king 67x70x3mm) have extra strong magnets, so they will never fall off and are therefor flexibly usable in any position. The board is white and green, the chess pieces yellow and red so as to ensure a good contrast and visibility.The bag provides an ideal and easy possibility to transport the demonstration board.
Our newest version is the didactic one. The addition are the blue demonstration magnets. They are ideal for illustrating lines, rows or possible chess pieces movements.

So as to be able to design your lessons more colourful more magnets can be purchased. Within the set of 8 pieces you can choose among blue, red, yellow and green. One set can also be split in half between any two colours.

imageThe non magnetic version is wth 70mm field size slightly smaller than the magntic one. Pieces and board are in the same colour, as the magentic one.

Our novelty in 2016 is one of the largest demonstration boards on the market. The didactic XXL with a board size of 92 cm, fields of 10 cm and pieces of 8.3x9.5 cm.